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Welcome to my ~fabulous~ blog. Hullo, Magda here.I also go by the name Mycroft, sometimes Loki. preferred gender pronoun: My Queen. I live in Warsaw, Poland but lived for most of my life in Sydney, Australia. I shall reblog whatever tickles my fancy.


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Omg laughed so hard

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"i ate too much pasta and now i want to die" is a saying i experience way too much for my own good

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  1. you think it’s pretty?
  2. wear it

okay but idk how i’m gonna wear you.

Oh you smooth fuck

you obviously haven’t read silence of the lambs

This went to a great place. 

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I actually think this was one of my favorite and most powerful scenes in the show. Kate Mulgrew so expertly portrayed the hurt we’ve all felt at one point or another when we were ostracized by people we wanted so desperately to be accepted by and the fact that this feeling knows no boundaries of age.

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omg ok so i was at my locker and i overheard a guy talking about how some other guy kept making eye contact with him and the guy was like “i think he’s gay, that’s so fuckin weird” and a girl who was getting her stuff beside the guy was like “yea that’s very weird considering you’re ugly as fuck” and she walked away like a bad bitch and everyone’s hands went over their mouths and it was the greatest experience ever

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shout out to all of the custodians, cooks, garbage truck drivers, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, waiters, and every one else whose jobs and entire fucking existences get shit on by the same people who wouldn’t know what to do with their lives if they had to do anything for themselves

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gifs that have a lot of words in them, but move too fast image

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i wanna feel how dogs feel when you let them go in a big field 

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imagine steve becoming increasingly worried because of all the casual misogyny and he talks about it with bucky

next thing you know bewildered young girls are telling everyone about that one time the winter soldier rescued them from street harassment

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM SO H A P P Y

"heeey baby, wanna suck-"

"SUCK THIS" *punches dick w metal fist*

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watching a marvel movie 

  • 50% of the time: oh god damn so much action
  • 50% of the time: oh god damn so much handsome

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